Some CUPLC History

In the process of creating this new CUPLC website, I stumbled upon a much older version, hosted on the Student Run Computing Facility, and dating back to aro...

CUPLC in the age of COVID

I think it’s fair to say that at the beginning of term few knew how things would pan out. Given that we are now halfway (or a bit further by the time I finis...

CUPLC at the British Bench Press Classics

A small team of CUPLC lifters – Suzanne, Lucy and Steve – journeyed to Portsmouth in February (the week after Varsity) to compete in the British Bench Press ...

Varsity 2014

Powerlifting Varsity win for CUPLC

Varsity Report 2013

Powerlifting Varsity win for CUPLC Cambridge 2110.21- Oxford 2056.76