I think it’s fair to say that at the beginning of term few knew how things would pan out. Given that we are now halfway (or a bit further by the time I finish writing this) I thought it would be nice to look back at how things have unfolded; a mini highlight reel if you will.

After having successfully enticed many potential new lifters into the world of powerlifting during the online freshers’ fair, great preparations were made to deliver an online TTR session which sought to lay the foundations for the term to come. In hindsight, this may have been more useful with audio.

The weekly (in person!) SBD clinics have set many on their way on the path to perfectionism in the powerlifting movements. Indeed it is here that individuals may learn the fundamentals that may one day yield internet fame and thousands of comments about range of motion.

The once-thriving sports centre now seems a ghost of its former self and, for many, midnight no longer signals the start of a new day but an opportunity to book a power rack for the week ahead. Whilst some have resorted to slacking off their accessory work, other, more dedicated, individuals have found success with multiple bookings. Far worse, however, are the actions of those who have abandoned their integrity as powerlifters and have ventured out to train at PureGym, but arguably both the loss of dignity and ample time to contemplate their decisions whilst waiting for the curl rack are punishment enough.

Widespread restrictions have rendered it impossible to host the infamous novice comps and varsity trials - a moment of silence for those who had planned training cycles around these and it seems improbable (though not impossible) that these will go ahead this term given that we are, in fact, locked down. Likewise, the loss of British juniors is an unfortunate ending to what has already been a challenging year.

All these challenges may have been harder to bear, had it not been for our brilliant social secs - in the short spell of term so far they have entertained numerous events which have brought the CUPLC community together and all whilst maintaining social distancing!

Given that we are now once again in lockdown, one can only dream of what it must be like to have access to comp standard equipment in their garage, but for most of us it is exactly that; a dream.

Overall, despite the challenges we have faced this term it hasn’t been without positives. CUPLC has continued to grow as a club and a community with many eager new members, we have managed to continue to deliver TTR sessions and further expanded to online form checks and, most importantly, the average work capacity of the CUPLC member has increased with the 1 and a quarter-hour slots at the uni gym. I don’t know what the rest of term has in store for us, but given the on-off, start-stop way this year has gone, I am both hopeful and excited to see what comes of it.

Disclaimer: Although I find it hard to believe that my views on PureGym are not universally shared, the opinions expressed in this post do not necessarily reflect those of CUPLC. I do, however, hope you found some enjoyment in reading this.