The Cambridge University Powerlifting Club (CUPLC) was started by Phil Penketh in October 1982. Phil was a competitive Powerlifter with a charismatic personality, who came to Cambridge from Oxford to do a PhD. Starting with him, a small cadre of serious weight trainers formed around Phil, using the basement gym at Fenners (the original Cambridge University Gym). This was the birthplace of CUPLC.

Since then, the club has grown from a few friends in a dingy gym into a prestigious club with a yearly membership of close to 200 people. CUPLC is now one of the most established clubs at the University, having won 10 of the past 10 Oxford Versus Cambridge Varsity Matches, and with a membership that grows year on year. Our members are passionate about being involved in this sport at all levels, from novices who are just starting out in powerlifting, to multiple national champions and several members who have competed for Great Britain on the international stage.

Being part of CUPLC means being part of a diverse and encouraging community, where each member is supported regardless of where they are in their strength training journey. We pride ourselves on creating an inclusive environment that propagates the sport to a spectrum of individuals, from those who view it as a casual leisure activity, to highly competitive, dedicated athletes. Our club strives to consistently mentor our beginner and intermediate level powerlifters, and aims to provide a supportive and caring environment where people can grow and learn more about strength sports. Whether it’s your first time lifting weights or if you’ve been lifting for a lifetime, we would love to have you as part of our community!