Powerlifting Varsity loss for CUPLC

1071 Oxford - 1027 Cambridge


A tight victory for Oxford in one of the most intense varsity competition I have attended. Our three top lifters were Alp Notghi (totalling 540 kg in the three lifts at a bodyweight of 79 kg, achieving the full blue standard), Krish Mahbubani (totalling 262.5 kg at 50 kg and being the highest scoring girl the club has ever had) and Adam Comer (totalling 475 kg at 82.5 kg). High scoring was ubiquitous this year with 9 lifters surpassing the half blue standard in points: Krish Mahbubani, Adam Comer, Alexander Katsis (455 kg at 78 kg), Alex Freer (415 kg at 69 kg), Dan Ivtsan (435 kg at 74 kg), Calvin Wakeford (495 kg at 93 kg), Oliver Gam (545 kg at 126 kg), Max Frenzel (485 kg at 92 kg), and Wilberth Solano (455 kg at 81.9 kg). Unfortunately heroic water loss efforts proved too much for our high scoring lifters Andrew Hodgeson and Angus Higgins who were unable to attain their opening lifts in the squat and bench respectively. Although Andrew injured his back during his squat attempts he still managed to top the highest benchpress of the competition with a token 150 kg.