Varsity 2013



Cambridge takes back victory in Varsity with an extraordinary ensemble of strong and courageous lifters. This year, Cambridge top scoring lifters were: 1) Krishnaa Mahbubani, 2) Daniel Tse, 3) Matt Deacon-Smith, 4)Wilberth Solano, 5) Oliver Organ, and 6) Andrew Hodgson.

Only 5 kg away from matching the European squat record for her bodyweight, Krishnaa ranked top lifter of the competition with an impressive 370.69 wilks points at 50.9 kg bodyweight. With just her opener of 100 kg in the squat, Krish unofficially broke the current BDFPA* and GBPF** records. In their first Varsity match, Daniel Tse deadlifted an amazing 212.5 kg, which is more than 3 times his body weight of 65.1 kg, while Matt Deacon Smith from Girton deadlifted 255 kg at 80.4 kg bodyweight and unofficially broke 4 British records for his age and bodyweight! (GBPF U83 U20, GBPF U83 U23, GBFP U93 U20, and BDFPA U82.5 T3(18-19yrs)). President Wilberth Solano from Downing College scored 4th in the Cambridge team with a powerful 170 kg squat and 240 kg deadlift at 82.2 kg. First time Varsity powerlifter, Oliver Organ from Churchill (79.7 kg), benched 125 kg with amazing ease demonstrating his potential as a lifter, while Andrew Hodgson (112.4 kg) of Fitzwilliam College took the highest bench score in the meet with an incredible 160 kg. An amazing performance was also given by Calvin Wakeford from Homerton who claimed the highest squat of the Cambridge team with 195 kg at 98.3 kg of bodyweight. In his second competition, Dan Ivtsan lifted a total of 485 kg total leaving him only 5 kg away from the BDFPA national qualifier at his bodyweight. Alexander Freer from Christ's College proved to be a great addition of the team with an impeccable technique and an almost 3 times bodyweight deadlift of 202.5 kg at 69.8 kg. Tian Weng Leong, 6th year medic from Christ's College, squatted a solid 180 kg at only 79.9 kg, whilst Fiona Christie from St. Edmund's College lifted an impressive 300 kg total on her first powerlifting meet. Finally, Peter Finichiu (73.9 kg) benched an aggressive 105 kg bench press in his first powerlifting meet.

Wilberth Solano, CUPLC President 2012-2013