Varsity 2010



Another "moral victory" for Cambridge in the 2010 Varsity match.

This year, Varsity Powerlifting was held at Core Cambridge. Although Cambridge lost, we had some great performances with lots of newcomers who showed some real talent. The top three lifters from Cambridge were Jerrell Whitehead, Alexander Blessing and Alp Notghi. Especially Jerrell was very impressive, totaling 620kg at a bodyweight of 94kg, which should earn him a Full Blue. I was very happy to see many people competing for their first time. Well done to Louis Cox-Brusseau, James Barton, William Blackwell, Josh Mouland, David Parkes and Shaun Ng as well as to Ivy Owens and Krish Mahbubani, who showed that Powerlifting is not just for men. I hope you all had a great time and keep on lifting weights!

I would like to thank Andrew Lee, Adam Scrivner and Steve Martin for helping out tremendously.

Alex Blessing, Captain 2009-2010